What Happens if My Child Doesn’t Get Braces?

There are some cases where it is obvious that a child needs braces. As a loving parent or guardian it’s a no brainer at that point; you visit an orthodontist and get braces. However, there are some cases where getting braces isn’t necessarily a cut and dry decision. After all, even though braces have become […]

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How Braces Can Give Your Child More Confidence Later in Life

Most kids aren’t too excited about getting braces. To them, braces means years (which seems like a lifetime if you’re 10) of metal in their mouth, not getting to eat candy, and having to spend extra time brushing their teeth. But while the braces might not be their favorite experience, the investment will pay incredible […]

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Child Has Jaw Pain? It Could be a Misaligned Bite

Has your child been showing signs of jaw pain? Perhaps you’ve seen them rubbing their jaw, maybe they’re less excited about eating, or maybe they’ve told you it hurts. Jaw pain is surprisingly common amongst both kids and adults. While there are several causes of jaw pain, one of the more common explanations we find […]

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Braces Options for Teens: What is Best for Your Child?

While we treat patients of all ages, teenagers are the most common here at The Orthodontic Group of Chester County. This is because orthodontic treatment is ideal for teens. It is a time of quick growth and change for them, which means it’s easier to shape their smile and bite. If your child is in […]

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What Can I expect at my child’s first orthodontic appointment?

It’s always hard to believe how fast children grow. Every new change is a new adventure, and one of the more visual changes is when they lose their baby teeth and grow adult teeth. Once you’ve started noticing those adult teeth growing, then it’s time to book your child’s first orthodontic evaluation. If that seems […]

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How to Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth While They Have Braces

Convincing your kids to take care of their teeth is always a challenge, but once they have braces it seems to get even more challenging! Having braces, however, makes it all the more important to take care of teeth. Not only do you want to ensure the braces do their job and don’t break, but […]

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How do Braces Really Work? (The Science Behind Orthodontics)

Today it’s very common to see children, teenagers, and adults wearing braces. Most people know that braces are all about straightening your teeth and correcting your bite, but few people know how they actually work. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons someone would get braces, along with how braces work and the different components […]

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What Orthodontic Treatments Can Correct an Underbite in Children?

An underbite is a fairly common problem for children. With a normal bite, your child’s upper teeth stick out slightly farther than their lower teeth when they bite down. With an underbite, however, the lower teeth actually protrude out farther than the upper teeth. What causes underbite? The University of Maryland Medical Center identifies genetics […]

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Why is it Important for Your Child to See an Orthodontist by Age 7?

Kids grow fast. It seems that one day they look up from their crib to give you a gummy grin, and shortly thereafter, that same toothless child requires evaluation for braces. Didn’t you just walk them to their classroom on the first day of elementary school last week? Actually, you may just have. Orthodontic work […]

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