First Evaluation

During the first orthodontic visit, we will seek to evaluate the following factors and identify the optimal time for treatment to begin:

  • Bite (the way the upper and lower teeth meet)
  • Potentially problematic oral habits
  • Jaw growth
  • Any potential interference with the eruption of permanent teeth

We want our patients and their parents to be completely at ease. Knowing what to expect can relieve any apprehension regarding your first evaluation. Our orthodontists believe in partnering with you in personalized care.

First, you will meet with our Treatment Coordinator whose top priority is to help you learn about the care you’ll receive and answer any questions you may have. She will also review your health history. We appreciate this one-on-one time to learn your family’s needs and help you make an informed decision.

Next, our staff will lead you to obtain a Panorex radiograph and photographs of your teeth so we can evaluate treatment options.

Our orthodontist will meet with you personally to explain the clinical findings. He will offer a recommended treatment plan and an estimated treatment timeline. Our orthodontist knows you may have questions and we welcome this opportunity to help you fully understand each step of treatment.

Our Treatment Coordinator will then review financial options and procedures.

If you are ready to begin shaping that beautiful smile, we are often able to put braces on the same day!

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The Ortho Group of Chester County provides specialized, comprehensive orthodontic care for children and adolescents in a fun, stress-free environment that focuses on prevention and education. Our goal is to help your child be healthy and enter adulthood free of dental diseases and dental fears – with good oral health habits that will last a lifetime.

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